Tuesday, March 13, 2012

FSBO Homes in Alabama

Alabama, with its warm climate and diverse industries, is an appealing place to live. Various industries, including manufacturing, aerospace, education, and banking, all have a strong presence, as does agriculture. If you're looking for a home in Alabama, one of the best, most affordable ways to find a home is by looking for FSBO homes in Alabama. FSBO stands for "for sale by owner."

Alabama homes for sale by owner are concentrated around Alabama's urban areas. Birmingham has the most FSBO homes in Alabama, according to realtystore.com, followed by Mobile, Montgomery, and Huntsville.
These homes are sold without involvement by a real estate agent. Buying a home this way has a number of advantages. It maximizes the profit margin for the home seller, since there are no fees going to a real estate agent.

For buyers, such homes may be more affordable. The owners can sell for less as there is no real estate agent, and owners themselves determine what type of financing they'll accept. Owners selling directly may be open a lower down payment, and they may be willing to overlook a less-than-average credit score if you can prove you have verifiable income and a good rental history. There are also no closing costs, since the seller takes care of closing themselves.

If you're purchasing one of the FSBO homes in Alabama, you may want to have a lawyer review any paperwork before you sign. For sale by owner homes are a great way to begin home ownership in Alabama.

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